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The Make Making Work Course

Reboot Your Creative Business

Make Making Work

Are you navigating the challenges of launching a new business and finding yourself overwhelmed by the multitude of tasks?

Are you struggling to maintain focus in your business, feeling scattered and unable to prioritize the essential steps to kickstart your venture?

Do you sense burnout creeping into your small business, with the feeling that your business is managing you rather than the other way around?

Have you hit a wall and lost momentum in your entrepreneurial journey?

If any of these resonate with you, this 22-minute video is tailored to provide a fresh perspective on your current business situation. By incorporating visioning techniques and identifying your life priorities, you'll gain the tools to tailor your creative business to align with your lifestyle.

While the video itself is only 22 minutes long, plan for approximately 1 1/2 hours to complete the 10 activities accompanying it. This course not only includes the insightful video but also provides downloadable worksheets to set you on the right path as you reimagine your life and redefine the role of your business within it.


Make Making Work


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